Council of the Laity

AFCM commits to protect, preserve and enrich God-given faith, religious traditions of the Filipino faithful and to serve increasing pastoral needs through the COUNCIL OF THE LAITY formalized by Rev. Fr. Ben Ebcas following a comprehensive position audit, observation, data gathering and group assessment.  AFCM strengthens the CHURCH presence and perpetuates Christ’s Mission among Filipino communities through solemn worship, prayers, accurate teachings, formation, service, solidarity and belongingness.  Five MINISTRIES comprise the Council of Laity, an advisory body to the Mission Director – WORSHIP, EDUCATION/ FORMATION, SOCIAL CONCERNS, TEMPORALITIES and YOUTH.

AFCM is unique with special gifts rooted in distinct Filipino language, culture and Christian heritage.  However, AFCM is part of the much greater Christian community of the Archdiocese of Toronto and the Universal Church.  As the completely Holy Church plans for the future, AFCM follows.  The marked increase of Filipino Churchgoers attending Mass, Fiestas, devotions and other events mapped in the calendar of activities express what AFCM is all about.  AFCM is a stewardship entity – a servant community and does her best to be the hands and feet of Jesus.