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Archdiocesan Filipino Catholic Mission

Our Lady of the Assumption Church

2565 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON M6B 2Z3

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October 21, 2009

Re: Thanks to all Donors, Volunteers, Benefactors, Private Agencies and Organizations

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

  No one is too poor that he can no longer give. No one is too rich that he can no longer receive.

 God has manifested again his bountiful mercy and compassion in times of dire need. Although God is always present in our midst, He reveals His Compassion in a very special way when His children are in crisis. We have witnessed the sufferings and loss of lives of our people in the recent calamities that hit the Philippines and other parts of the world. Our appeal for help did not fall on deaf ears. The response was overwhelming. As of this writing, we have already shipped two 45 foot containers with a total of 800 door to door-size boxes loaded in them. All monies collected totalled close to $45,000. Hence, Phase I of our operations which is Relief drive closes with a big bang. Our heartfelt thanks to our AFCM Ministry of Temporalities headed by Rosemer Enverga aided by her husband Tobias, special thanks to Fr. Jose Pena, Fr. Romeo and all priests and Deacons. Our special thanks to our caretakers, all volunteers that spent countless hours even directly from their day jobs, to help us in unloading, sorting, packing and loading the relief goods that came from many parts of Ontario. May God reward you abundantly.

We have entered Phase II which is Rehabilitation. This is a long term drive which entails rebuilding of villages, homes, and community restoration. We have teamed up with Gawad Kalinga (GK) Ancop, PIDC and other organizations to build affordable homes for those who have lost their dwellings. Each house will cost C$2500 to build. GK ANCOP which directly administers and implements the project has a comprehensive approach in building homes for families. Even before the actual construction begins, Caretaker teams conduct Values Formation Sessions to the intended beneficiaries and directly involved them in all phases of rebuilding their lives. Hence, it is not only a matter of building homes but building people with the ultimate motive of respecting their dignity and capacities.

If you, as individuals or groups, are interested in helping in our Rehabilitation efforts, please contact Rosemer and Tobias Enverga at 416-284-2810 or email at Please write your cheque payable to GK AFCM Rehabilitation Drive. Your donations will be tax deductible and tax receipts will be issued by GK ANCOP. Our aim is to build 50 homes or more. The AFCM GK Village will be in Metro Manila as proposed after site survey conducted by GK Caretaker Teams.

We have published the partial list of donors in the AFCM Website at . We will be publishing as well in some newspapers.  Thank you very much for your generosity. We look forward to working with you again for the welfare of those in need. Many hands make seemingly gargantuan tasks lighter. God bless you all!

In the Good Shepherd,

Rev. Ben P. Ebcas, Jr

Pastor/Director OLA-AFCM

Appeal Letter


2565 Bathurst St. Toronto ON

Phone: 416-7874547 Fax: 416-7874548

September 29, 2009

Re:  Appeal for Help for Victims of Disaster in Central Philippines

Caused by Typhoon Ondoy

To all Filipinos, our Canadian Friends, concerned fellowmen and women:

I am writing on behalf of almost two million victims of a major disaster that happened in Central Philippines. As of this writing, there are close to 400,000 persons in evacuation centers and 200,000 more looking for shelters, 246 confirmed dead. We have seen on TV and read on the news heart-rending stories of families losing their homes and relatives grieving for the loss of their love ones.

It is during tragedies and emergency situations like this that we as human beings regardless of race, color and affiliations are tested in our genuine concern for humanity in general. We as loving and caring people are able to transcend from our own needs to reach out to those who need more.

Hence, I appeal to your kind hearts to help the victims either food items or cash donation. You can drop off your donations in kind like non perishable food, blankets, clothes, sleeping mats in three different drop-off locations. There is one in the west, Sts. Peter and Paul Church, 4070 Central Parkway East, Mississauga, in the central region, Our Lady of Assumption Church at 2565 Bathurst St., Toronto, in the East at St. Barnabas Church, 10 Washburn Way, Scarborough, On.

I am grateful to the AFCM Temporalities Ministry chaired by Rosemer Enverga with her husband Tobias, which spearheaded the campaign. We are also closely coordinating with the Archdiocese of Toronto through ShareLife which has also released communication to all parishes through the Pastors to receive cash donations payable to Sharelife and which will be sent directly to Caritas International, Manila. Cash donations are tax deductible.

May God continue to empower us to be God’s instruments of His mercy and compassion. Our profound gratitude goes to all who have already donated and to our future donors. Let us continue to pray for all the victims.

Sincerely in the Merciful Saviour,

Rev. Ben P. Ebcas, Jr
Pastor, Our Lady of Assumption Church/Director of the Filipino Catholic Mission

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Fr. Bienvenido P. Ebcas, Jr
Pastor/Director of the Filipino Catholic Community
Archdiocese of Toronto