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October 3, 2009 by Site Admin Assistant  
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 Week 2


There is so much to rejoice in Toronto last Thanksgiving!

Within two weeks, over 1.5 tons of donations were received at the Our Lady of the Assumption Church and other outlets. Numerous volunteers were always available to ensure that goods are received and properly packed for the shipment daily.  Donations from as far as Barrie and Hamilton were dropped off at the different outlets.  Cash donations are steadily flowing in.

Dozens of volunteers helped to sort donations and load the container as the first shipment of relief goods was ready to be sent out to the Philippines.

Read our Press Release:


AFCM Parish Members in Action - September, 2009

Volunteers organizing the numerous donations given by the community to be sent to the typhoon victims in the Philippines.

for Week 2 relief pictures please follow this link:

IMG_8477 by you.IMG_8480 by you.


One week after

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To view more pictures, visit:

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